At the beginning of his homeopathic activity, Hahnemann continued to use his remedies in an un-potentiated  state (according to current pharmacological terminology, this would be termed phytotherapeutic). But even in small amounts some toxic substances still had too many side effects. So he began to dilute the basic substances even more and shook the dilutions well. Over time, he discovered that the more he diluted them, the more his primordial substances became more compatible and less dilute. At the same time, the effect became stronger or sometimes even unfolded through this process. In consequence, he called this dilution and shaking “potentisation” also known by practitioners as “dynamisation”. His resulting therapeutic success amazed the professional world and motivated him at the same time to continue researching in this direction.

When a chemist examines the homeopathic remedy, he finds only water and alcohol; when examining a floppy disk, only iron oxide and vinyl. But both can hold a lot of information.

Dr. Peter Fisher, Research Director at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital