Helene Rothenberger

It is true that homeopathy in its mode of action is difficult for scientifically thinking people to reconcile with the existing world view. For many years of my life, I had nothing to do with homeopathy. It was not until I had children, who often had a few small aches and pains, that changed this. At that time, I tried to meet people who share my values on raising children and to my surprised many were supporters of homeopathy. I was often advised: “Go to a homoeopath, for small children it works especially good! Finally, I thought “I lose nothing to try it, and it will certainly not hurt” and I let my daughter treat her eczema in a homeopathic practice. When, about 2 weeks later, to my surprise, her skin was just fine, as if there had never been anything there, that was the (still hesitant) beginning of a great passion.

Several years have passed since then. Since then I have been able to find out several times what homeopathy can achieve. Through intensive study at the SkHZ (School of Classical Homeopathy) I learned how to correctly apply and use these laws of nature, which Samuel Hahnemann discovered and formulated.

Important Dates in my Life

  • 1978                My birthday
  • 1994- 1997     Craft Training and Apprenticeship
  • 2001-2002      Living in Chicago, IL, United States
  • 2002-2009      My three daughters are born
  • 2005-2009      Organizing and participating on a private playgroup and kindergarten
  • 2013-2018      Studying and training as a Homeopath at the Samuel Hahnemann School of Medicine
  • Nov. 2016       Seminar “Throat, Nose, and Ear Diseases in the Homeopathic Praxis” with Dr. med. Joachim MayerBrix
  • Nov. 2017       Seminar “Psychiatric Diagnosis in the Homeopathic Practice” with Dr. med. Hansjörg Heé
  • Nov. 2018       Seminar “Traumatas in the homeopathic Practice” with Aleksandar Stefanovic