The first anamnesis (medical history of patient) for chronic treatment takes about two hours. During this time, I will not only ask you about your exact symptoms, but also talk to you about how to deal with your illness, what is good for you and what is not. We will talk about your current life situation (professional and private) and about the time when your illness first became apparent. The more information I have and the more complete the symptom picture is, the better I can find the right remedy for you.

We also discuss what you can do yourself to support the therapy.

After the interview, I evaluate your information and symptoms you have which takes some more time. The remedy which in its entirety suits you best will be the one selected for you.

Depending on how deep-seated are the problem(s) you have, the treatment of a chronic illness takes some months to four – five years.
We arrange a second consultation between one and about three months, depending on needs and situation.
If necessary, telephone consultations can also make sense in between.